Monday, April 16, 2007

The Ten Percent Solution

Greetings from the Land of the Losers.

One of the major Weight Watchers milestones is dropping the first ten percent of your starting weight. For example if you started in the 220's, losing 22 pounds would qualify.

Congratulations to the Missus, she got her 10 % award last week Wednesday. Way to go sweetie! I was just under 15 pounds down, so combined we are over 36 pounds down and feeling great!

This weekend Linda scoured her collection of cookbooks and designed a great weekly menu with some new meal selections. On Saturday she made for the first time a dish called Eggplant cheese rolls. It is similar to mannicotti but instead of using pasta tubes, the cheese mixture is placed in baked eggplant and rolled up. Then she covered it in a meatless marinara sauce. 2 points per roll and it was sooooo delicious.

Later in the week I am looking forward to fajitas, with lots of veggies and peppers.

Losing is easy for me because all I have to do is eat a small breakfast, a sensible lunch, and then come home for a wonderful home-cooked healthy meal.

Thanks and congratulations to my wonderful wife Linda !

Healthy eating to all.

Dave and Linda