Thursday, January 17, 2008

We're Baaaaaaack !

January 17, 2008

Greetings fellow losers. No we did not voyage to Mars and back (as some might expect) but just got busy with Spring and Summer and oh yeah Fall and 1/4 of Winter too!

Last night Linda re-joined WW and is very excited about it. I decided to not attend the meetings this time, but be an avid supporter of the Missus, and enjoy the healthy meals that she will be preparing. It's not like we just went crazy for pizza and doughnuts every night, but on the other hand we were no stranger to the dessert section of our King Sooper's bakery either. Oh the joy of sugar and preservatives.

Linda unfortunately regained most if not all of her previous weight loss. I on the other hand weigh the same as when we stopped attending the meetings. I attribute that to walking every day at least 30-45 minutes and controlling my portion sizes and not going for seconds at the dinner table like I used to do.

So here we go. WW journey 2008 begins. Our leader Dori, has always emphasized that WW is a journey not a destination. We learned so much about healthy habits during our 2007 effort, so we just need to buckle down and follow the procedures.

Also we have a gym membership that we have never (and I mean never) used. Linda and I have committed ourselves to actually working out and that should kick-start the process even more.

I will also commit to updating this site regularly to track our progress in 2008.

Wish us good luck !
Dave and Linda

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