Wednesday, March 7, 2007

C'mon Springtime (hurry please)

Bad bad blogger for not updating. 10 lashes with a piece of (insert favorite pasta here).

Anyway, last week Wednesday about 3:00 pm it started snowing. And then the temperature dropped 20 degrees in like a minute. So therefore the roads got packed with 3-4 inches of sheer ice. By the end of the work day, commuting times went from (in my case) 20 minutes to 1 hour and 20 minutes. And not a single plow or sand truck in site. I think that the plow drivers are afraid of getting stuck like us mere mortals. Multiple accidents EVERYWHERE ! Roads were blocked that had any kind of steepness to them due to cars unable to make the hill. GRIDLOCK BABY. So when the missus and I got home, we stayed there. Whew.

Of course that meant we missed our WW meeting. Bumski. So no new weigh-in information from the 28th. However unofficially (home scale) I'm still on course.

Linda has been battling a cold/sinus infection for almost 2 weeks now also. It is really hard to stay focused on WW when you feel like crap. Yepper. And then I get to roam the kitchen alone and continue my love affair with peanut butter, milk, bread, etc, etc...and Oh yeah BEER.


But this week is sunny and mostly warm. I hope Linda is up to going to WW this week, but I'm thinking we will skip again. No sense in getting our Fellow 7:15'ers sick too.

The forecast is for nice weather for the next week also. The warm temps will allow us to Lysol the crap out of the house and then air that sucker out good. Good 'ol Rocky Mountain fresh air. Nothing better to get the sick out of the house. Well maybe napalm would be good also, but that sounds a bit extreme.

Also the warm weather gets my gardening itch going. After a long, cold winter, the gardens (we have approx. 21 seperate gardens (at last count), need a lot of tender loving care. Cleaning out the debris, turning over the soil, raking out to a nice smoothness and adding mulch / compost for richness. Yes my dirt is spoiled. But it's all worth it. Enjoy the pic of one of my sunflower blossoms from last summer.
Healthy Eating to all.
Dave and Linda


Audrey said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I couldn't agree more -- spring needs to hurry up and get here already. I was over winter by January 3rd. Been loving this week, though, weather-wise!

SJ said...

I love the picture of the sunflower! And YES! Bring on some spring weather.

Hope Linda gets well soon!