Friday, March 16, 2007


Greetings. Much great news today. March Madness is in full swing. Duke got beat by VCU. SWEEEEEET !!!! The look on coach K's face was PRICELESS when the buzzer went off. We were all jumping around high-fiving and screaming. It's so much fun to be a hater.

Weight Watchers meeting this week was really good. I was down 2 pounds and Linda was down over 3. That put her over the 20 pounds lost so far milestone. I'm just over 10 down myself. You should see how great Linda looks. Really can see the difference in her face and all over. Plus she's cut her hair into a cute style, honestly she looks 10 years younger. I'm one lucky dude.

There were even more new folks this week. Our merry band keeps getting larger and larger. We have such a great group and the newcomers are fitting in nicely. There are several mom/daughter combos that are so fun to get to know. One of those pairs sits by us and they are so cute. The daughter is gettting married this summer and is getting in shape for a bikini wearing tropical honeymoon. Her momma just wanted to be able to tie her shoes easier. I can so relate to that one. The old spare tire was hindering that activity, not so much anymore.

We had a ton of milestones celebrated so our week's discussion topic did not have a bunch of time but we hit the high points of a very important lesson.

The topic was why do we eat when it's not for hunger / nutrition. Psychological food cravings come in many shapes and sizes. Eating because we are sad, happy, bored, etc. The trick is to step away from yourself and analyze the different motivations that cause that behavior.

For example craving food because we are bored means we are looking for stimulation. So the answer is to seek stimulation in a different manner besides stuffing the pie-hole with twinkies.

When we eat due to sadness we are seeking happiness. Yes a double cheeseburger does make me happy, but then the cycle becomes feeling guilty for eating poorly, which in turn means oh well lets just have some fries too. Then we have a gain and the wheel spins like a hamster in a cage.


Human beings are a bundle of complex emotions. Understanding feelings and motivations and behavior is a difficult process, but one that we can accomplish if we try. It really helps to have WW buddies to talk to and figure this kind of stuff out. The ladies came up with several examples of why a person eats for psychological satisfaction.

I said "The reason we do it is because it chemically releases endorphins into our brain". Our Leader Dori looked at the group like who let the rocket scientist in the room. It was freaking hilarious really.

But to sum it up, that is exactly the process. Endorphins are the "feel good" chemicals in our bodies. Have you ever heard of "runners high"? Yepper, caused by endorphins. So what we want to do is get the endorphin release from healthy activities and not Girl Scout cookies.

Ya know stuff like watching Duke get beat ! And seeing coach K's lemon sucking sour puss.

OOOOOOO BABEEEEE ! I got an endorphin rush just typing that sentence.

Healthy eating to all.

Dave and Linda

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Stargazer said...

Wow a combined 30lbs!? you two are doing great. (I will say I watched a ton of basketball last weekend and the Duke loss was my fave;) )